Louie’s Hilarious Antics

The other week I had to take my car into the garage for some work, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I thought why walk the dog, then take in the car and walk home alone, when I can drive there with Louie and we can walk home together.  I think it’s something like 5 or 6 KM.

Once I’d handed over the car, Louie and I proceeded to walk along Springfield Road with cars zooming by.  He’s a rural dog, so wasn’t really accustomed to so many whizzing vehicles.  However he trotted along on his leash, and we crossed and walked along busy Benvoulin Road.

There’s no sidewalk so we walked in the bike path and then I was glad to turn off onto little Fisher Road and then over onto KLO Road and prepared to cross the little bridge over Mission Creek.  It’s a metal walkway, and Louie balked, but there’s a solid strip that runs parallel to the road, and though he was reluctant, he walked on that.

Suddenly he decided to jump through the fece and was on KLO Road, on the bridge.  I immediately tried to pull him toward me, but he did that thing dachshunds do so well.  He put all his weight into all four paws and hunkered down.

Because weiner dogs are shaped like pencils, I easily pulled the entire harness off the dog.  Now he was running loose on a busy road, and I was standing there, arms raised, stopping traffic in both directions.  I was calling the dog, who paid no attention whatsoever.

Thankfully two nice young men in a jeep were stopped at the corner of Spiers Road and opened their doors and called him.  He ran right over, hoping for petting, and they held him as I put on his leash.

That was heart stopping.  When I’m running after him he thinks he should run faster and faster.  Hurray!  What a great game. I of course feel like murdering the dog.

A couple of days ago there was a thud in the sun room and I saw Wrecks the cat peel out of there.  I opened the door and saw a large black squirrel the same moment Louie did.  He raced into the room and the squirrel was trying to escape and was hitting all four corners of the room with all its might.

Again the dog wouldn’t listen as I screamed “Louie! Louie!” and so I had to go and open the sun room door fully, and hope the squirrel wouldn’t fly into me.  Once I’d done that I retreated to the living room, and then heard the dog emit a long scream.  I thought he must’ve been hurt and looked out only to see him high tailing it after the squirrel as it made its way out of the room.

He then spent the next 90 minutes pacing into and out of the sun room and looking up into the trees, and generally exhausting himself.  At 8:00 PM I had to pick him up and carry him inside where he vomited four or five times.

You know how marathoners and other athletes get sick after a lot of exercise?  He then slept like a log and was fine the next day.