More Vistors

Today I’m expecting Renate, who you know by now as a member of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.  She and her mom moved to Osoyoos when we were in grade 4.  I still remember the whole town being stood on its head by her beautiful mom Irma, who had a figure like Sophia Loren.

I invited someone I’ve known since grade 1, John Patterson, to come over this afternoon for a visit.  He and Renate became friends and so I know he’s looking forward to seeing her for the first time in a couple of decades.

Then on Monday Renate and I will drive to Osoyoos to have lunch with mom and tour around the town as Renate hasn’t been back for over twenty years.  We’re meeting two more members of the Ya Ya’s, Maryjoy and Rhonda, in the afternoon, down at Maryjoy’s old family home.

At 6:00 we’re off to dinner, and will be met by Phyllis.  So it’ll be another large gathering with only Penny and Alison absent.  It’s great to be able to meet up with these incredible women so often.

I’ve been busying myself with on-line dating, which is going well, other than there are no actual dates.  However I’ve e mailed back and forth with some really nice people, one in particular, and still can’t believe I’m doing such a thing.  I used to find the idea of on-line dating unseemly.

But one evening as Louie and I were on the couch, watching Netflix as we like to do, I wondered if this was the picture of the next thirty years.  I love Louie and all, but I thought perhaps there’s something a bit more fun for me to do in this world.

I’d foolishly thought that one might meet a person doing normal things.  But working from home and attending an all-women’s gym and never leaving the house meant I’d have to hope to meet someone nice in line at the Superstore.  As that didn’t work, I had to bite the bullet and advertise myself on line.

German relatives are due in Canada on August 5th, and will stay with Freddie at the Coast for a while before heading to Osoyoos to stay with mom.  I told everyone I’m having the basement bathroom renovated, and can’t handle two adults and two teenaged boys at this time.

The poor plumber came on Friday and after he tore out the filthy shower stall he said it really needed to come out of there.  I can well imagine, given the amount of leakage over the years, and I’m ga ga with excitement about my plans.

A tile setter’s going to come and do the floor and tile up the sides of the walls.  Then the plumber will return and put in a nice new shower head and faucet, and I’ll get a round shower rod installed and put in a shower curtain.  Adorable!

I got a beautiful brocade fabric sofa and chair at the Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift store for $110.  They’re in fantastic condition, like new.  I just don’t understand people who want to get rid of something that’s still perfectly good.   I love them for it, though!