Imminent Birthday

I wondered what might happen when Nicky left, but I remained calm and didn’t make a fool out of myself.  Denis said he’d drive him to the airport, so I invited Denis for a Canada Day barbecue as Nicky was leaving that day.

I’d made a potato and a tossed salad with a delicious homemade green Goddess dressing I love.  Denis barbecued the steaks, and we ate early because Nicky wanted to be at the airport before 6:00 PM.

When it was time to go, we did that funny sideways body hugging thing, and then off he went to find his fame and fortune in Taiwan.  I asked him to let me know once he’d arrived, and he sent me an e mail right away saying he was there, safe and sound.

Now here’s the wonderful thing.  I don’t miss anyone and I enjoy being alone with my precious pets.  I’m also finding out interesting facts about myself.  For example, I now find myself playing greatest hits of the 70’s and 80’s at quite a high volume.  I eat dinner at 4:00.

On Saturday mom’s holding a gala dinner party for 32 people for my 60th birthday so I’m ga ga with excitement.  Alison’s arriving from Toronto on Wednesday at noon, and we’re going to be making the food so will be cooking for three days.  Fun!

It’ll be very manageable as I made dinner for 24 people for Denis’ 50th birthday, so I know the two of us can do it.  Actually Jerralynn’s making the appies and cake, so it’s a team effort.  My sister in law Twig’s making a Thai rice salad.

I think if we make a turkey, ham, roast and a salmon, then make a variety of salads and have buns, and tons of booze, it should be a fabulous event.  Mom won’t allow paper plates so it’ll be very chi chi as we’re going to have a long table nicely set out on the deck with 16 chairs on each side.

And for once I said to mom I just want to invite my own friends, and those people I feel close to for this event, so I’ll be seeing all manner of people from the past.  There’ll be my old teachers of the deaf pals Gitte and Mark, and Beverly’s coming too.

All the women of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, except Renate, will be there with their husbands, so we can re-live Palm Springs all over again.  Margaret’s coming from Vancouver and my Kelowna pals, Kathy and David, Petra and Larry will be there too.

I usually buy myself something for my birthday, but this year I didn’t get around to it, and I think that’s fine.  I have a feeling something wonderful’s about to happen so I don’t need a trinket or bauble.

I know some people are bummed out about birthdays, but I’m fine with each one of them.  And unlike some women who remain coy about their ages, if someone asks, I scream out I’m about to turn 60.

So now it’s time to clean this house like a crazy person not just for Alison, but Margaret’s coming on Sunday for a few days, too, so I want the place to be half decent.