How to Deal with Anal Neighbours

Luke arrived home from Thailand, and has moved into my gramma’s old house in the orchard in Osoyoos.  It’s incredible to think of him living in the house in which I spent so many happy hours.  Of course he won’t be there much, as he’ll be shipping out to the oil rigs pretty soon, but it’s going to be his home base.

I’ve lived here for 24 years, and just this week I realized I need 25 cedars planted along the property line between myself and the neighbour who borders my vegetable garden.  As nice as Pat is, he simply can’t stand anything unkempt.  This is a problem if you’ve ever seen my property.

My house sit on top of a knoll, and around the house there’s ugly asphalt and then lawn and hedges.  However, the area that’s all hill is kept wild, so it’s a lovely profusion of ponderosa pines, bunch grass and Oregon grape.

The lower part where I have the greenhouse and garden is flat, as there used to be a warped old tennis court there when we moved in.  The vegetable beds and greenhouse are surrounded by alfalfa and dandelions.  I get Nicky to weed eat down there once a month so the taller grasses don’t grab my ankles and trip me as I water.

Beside this there is a very tidy house and yard. This house used to be the picker’s cabin that belonged to the O’Reilly’s, the original owners of my house.  Over the years it’s been renovated, and now it’s a nice solid little house.

It sells every few years, and the current owners retired from the Coast, and moved in last year.  The first thing they did was to remove all bushes from the front and had what wasn’t lawn paved.  Their manicured lawn touches my tall bunches of spear grass, and that bothers them tremendously.

A couple of times the neighbour asked if he could put Roundup along the fence line, and I said please don’t.  I’m one of the people who protests GMO and Monsanto, so using Roundup would occur over my dead body.

Last year Pat made the mistake of saying something to Nicky about being surprised the by-laws allow our mess of a yard!  We’ve been here for 24 years, and my goal’s to protect every indigenous plant I see, and here’s some nut from the Coast wanting to eradicate everything I’m trying to save.

Then the other day I was standing down there looking at their yard and wondering what on Earth to do, and suddenly it hit me.  I need a thick, heavy, tall row of cedars along that fence line. That way, my messy yard won’t be a concern any longer.

I took Luke down there yesterday to mull it over over, and we both agreed no-one likes going down there as it’s open to the street.  Now with the line of cedars it’ll feel like a private room in the yard.  I can’t wait for Artie Knapps to open, as I get to race in and order 25 Pyramid cedars.

On top of all of the joy that epiphany brought, I realized I can use Liz’ gift certificate for the purchase.  That way, for the rest of my days on Hall Road, as I enjoy puttering around in the vegetable garden in my underwear, I’ll think of Liz and thank her.