Jazzing Things Up

I was feeling pretty swish the other week.  Hair combed, makeup applied, dressed decently.  I went to Value Village and was browsing around in the shoe section when a young woman came by with her two-year-old daughter in the cart.  I smiled at the cute little girl, she smiled back, and then she said “gramma?”

I notice when I say something about visiting my mom to a twenty year old they have a really confused look on their face.  They’re trying to add two or three decades onto someone who resembles Methuselah and are feeling a bit scared.  Having been raised on vapire stories, they’re sure my mom and I must be the un-dead to still be walking around.

However as we know, the alternative to not growing old is the pits, so I don’t complain.  Better to just resemble the walking dead than to actually be dead.

Have you ever thought of trying to start a little home-based business, but felt too nervous about how to do it?  On Sunday Nicky said he was going to put an ad on Castanet for computer repair services, and on Monday he had his first customer.  That’s how you start a small home-based business when you’re young.

 Nicky said he was able to fix the woman’s printer problem very easily.  He then took her hard drive home to load something onto it for her, returned it promptly the next day, and got paid.  Now he needs to keep jazzing up his ad in order to get more calls.

I received an order for a wedding in Ontario, so I hand made some fruitcakes and they’re beyond reproach in every way.  I think since I’m off selling to stores I’ll continue making them individually like that as they’re really beautiful. I could win a prize with these.

Have you ever tried heaping scorn and abuse onto companies by using Facebook?  I discovered once again how it brings almost instant results.  The other day my landline didn’t work, so I phoned Shaw and the customer service rep said they’d have a technician out here the next day between 10:00 and noon.

I said to her, but this is my business phone, and actually the only phone I have!  I was lucky Nicky was back from Thailand so I used his cell to call them.  After I hung up I thought what if mom tries to call me in an emergency?

So I posted on my Facebook, then Shaw’s Facebook pages, then sent an e mail to the company.  Soon after my phone starting working (likely a random event) but get this, I received a very apologetic call from some senior person and a long e mail from another person!  Make sure you try it if you want action.  I kind of like social media now.

You know how I love buying stuff at thrift as I hate contributing to the moutains of waste in the world.  But this past weekend I went nuts over new cushions from Canadian Tire.  After 14 years I felt it was okay to throw out the cushions that go on the outdoor furniture.  So I started by getting four new pillows for the chairs, then I thought how nice if the sunroom cushions all matched, too.

I needed a total of six more, and a new bench cushion so really overdid the retail shopping with 11 cushions.  But now everything’s lovely so it’s all good.