A Failure of Communication

It was 7 degrees C this morning, and I’m still frozen solid with the furnace on.  But then for fun I checked Toronto’s weather and it was minus 2 so I should stop complaining.  I like to pretend it’s tens of thousands of years ago when the Earth was chilly all the time.  That way, if it ever turns warm, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

I imagine the bamboo I planted, given its origins are in the depths of the jungle, isn’t all that happy right now.  I got a piece of root from Petra and planted it in the lower yard where I hope to have a screen of greenery to block out people walking by on the road.  Petra said the bamboo grows like mad and has giant leaves, so it should be perfect.

However the very next day when I checked on it some filthy pest had bitten into a bud.  So I got some pesticides and sprayed the hell out of the area, and can see it’s going to be one of those long struggles to have some something like bamboo in my tundra.

Never mind, a gardener’s optimistic if nothing else.  I also planted a gooseberry and a red currant, plus I got a whole bunch of strawberry plants from Petra.  If things work out I’ll have all manner of berries down there as well as my apricot tree.

But wouldn’t you know it, though I see apricot trees covered in blooms all over the neighbourhood, my little tree has maybe ten blossoms!  I shoved some fertilizer spikes into the ground around it, as per the Art Knapp’s staff’s instructions, so we’ll see what happens.

This is one of those situations where you can choose either to laugh or to cry.  You know, like in Breaking Bad where Walter starts crying when he realizes Skyler gave all of their money to the man with whom she’d had an affair.  However when the absurdity hits Walter he starts to laugh hysterically instead.

The other month I’d said to the web designer please remove the Closed sign from my order page.  Time went on, and I thought damn it, I’ve never been this slow in the fruitcake business in the whole ten years.  I went back to my site, and sure enough, it still said closed!

So I e mailed the web designer, and said Um, can you please remove this, as my business has no customers whatsoever.  I felt like crying, but then thought why?  It’s much better to laugh about it, and let’s face it, it’s been a great holiday from baking.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m turning 60, became a Buddhist, or because I’m reading Scientific American magazine, but I’ve noticed I’m pretty “meh” about almost every formerly upsetting situation.

I said to mom I read over two million galaxies have been discovered, of which the Milky Way is just one.  Then when you think of the number of solar systems in each, you can decide either we’re such miniscule specks we’re nothing, or we have to live to our potential, let our lights shine, and be everything.

As I said to mom, who’s coming here for Easter, we’re damn well eating chocolates because we’re all headed to the same place and should try to enjoy today.