Bird Song Heralds Spring

Now that spring appears imminent, I can see I have an awful lot of garden work to do.  I was out there this morning with the dog and cats, and everything’s so heavily overgrown and rotten.  The Jupiter’s beard’s a messy perennial once the growing season’s over and is a pile of brown stems with noodle-like consistency.

I heard birds chirping this morning and see the sun so that’s why I think I’m so hopeful about spring.  Yet the plants don’t seem dismayed at all as I see sprouts of bleeding hearts and sedum coming out of the ground.

I went out for wings with a few pals on Wednesday evening then was deathly ill on Thursday.  I think I must have an allergy to alcohol, which is why I think it’s particularly brave of me to continue in the face of such adversity.

And once feeling sick, there’s no way I can do anything hard so I just got right into the car and drove to the Salvation Army thrift store.  I bought a couple of things for around $10 then hit the Mennonite’s and the hospital auxiliary.  Finally I ended up at Value Village, where I again spent some money on a few things.

For around $50 I managed to spend a good three hours getting outside of my mind and body so who can complain about that?  When I got into the car and drove off I thought, wow, I haven’t thought about feeling sick at all, and compared to Advil and Gravol, which are so hard on the liver, this seems to so much better.

I see I’ve bought a lovely top which doesn’t got with anything, so now I have to do a good bout of pants shopping.  What can occur there is I’ll end up with pants that don’t go with anything and need to return for some serious top shopping.  You can see how this can go on forever.

As it was the one-year anniversary of Jerry’s death, his sons David and Jerry Jr. decided to come to Osoyoos to hang around with mom which was awfully nice of them.  I had to get Jerry at the Kelowna airport on Friday afternoon, and then he, Louie and I drove down to Osoyoos.

Jerry and David grew up with a standard red dachshund called Crackers, who they called Crackie, so they both love dachshunds.  And Louie loves everybody anyway, so it was a good time for the dog.  Jerry photographed him from all angles so I hope to have nice shots to share on Facebook soon.

You may recall I was in a fight to the death with Moneris Solutions over closing my account with them, and I can report that it all ended up in my favour!  I received a nice call from a senior customer service rep who assured me all charges would be reversed.  So if you ever feel unjustly treated, for God’s sake do something about it.

Today I’m going to try a new cake recipe and I hope it’s good because I’m taking it to Kathy’s tomorrow for Petra’s birthday dinner.  It’s an orange cake, and has orange mousse between the layers and then butter cream icing over all.  Orange zest goes into the cake, mousse and icing so it should be flavourful.  Perhaps I picked orange as it’s spring-like?

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