Your Name Must be Mike

I get so mad at the kids for their lack of impulse control because it’s one of my worst traits.  Or maybe it’s one of my best, as there are times when I want to get things done immediately.  For years I’ve been depressed about the exterior of the house, then two days ago I decided it was time to find a painter.

I browsed on-line, and Ouija Board-like I let the mouse lead me to the right person.  There he was, a guy named Mike.  I sent him an e mail and even though it was Sunday, he replied immediately, asking when I’d be around so he could give me a quote.

I hadn’t replied so Mike phoned on Monday morning and asked when I’d be home, and we set a time to meet for 2:00 PM.  He arrived promptly and I proceeded to walk around pointing at the trim and siding, as well as the peeling cement stairs to the basement.  I said maybe do the deck as well.

I went inside and let Mike wander about, making his estimate.  The whole thing with paint will be $3000 so I said sure, go ahead.  Yesterday he came and brought the paint brochure so I’m going berserk trying to decide on the colour.

You know I’ve always hated the deck railing since the day Denis completed it, as it’s just too clunky looking and no-one ever sits on it.  So as I’m going to be having the exterior spruced up with paint, I decided to have the railing changed at the same time.

Because it worked so well with Mike the Painter, I went on-line to look for a carpenter or handyman, and I used the same technique.  The mouse stopped at someone who listed themselves as a retired carpenter who was bored.  I e mailed him, but didn’t hear back.

The next day I went back on-line and found a handyman who does renovations.  He replied immediately and set a date and time to give me an estimate.  Of course then the carpenter phoned, and I told him I’d contacted someone else but he wanted to come and give me an estimate too.

And guess what, both of these guys are named Mike!  They came today and both will supply me with an estimate.  Mike #1, the retired carpenter, only looked at the deck and said he’d send me some photos of railing he’s done.  Mike #2 appears to be more of a handyman type, and I asked him to also give me an estimate on fixing up the sunroom’s exterior.

So now I have Mike the Painter, and if I go with Mike the Carpenter for the railing, then I can go with Mike the Handyman for the sunroom renovation.  The latter Mike’s already raced off with one of the screens to see if they need to be custom-made.

It’s funny how you live with things for years, and then one day really look at them and see how terrible they are.  When Mike the Carpenter was here I said why is that lattice area around the deck so ugly?  He replied it’s because it doesn’t come right down to the ground, hence the hideous cocmrete footings are showing.  He said it’s easily fixed with a proper wood wall.

Such a simply question with a very straight-forward solution.  Just do it!

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