Louie’s First Christmas

Louie’s been a remarkably good dog, given his curiosity about everything.  He hasn’t opened any presents, nor peed onto the tree skirt, so he’s doing really well for a young pup experiencing his first visit from Santa.  I gave him a bath before mom’s party so he’s ready for the season.

He and I went to Osoyoos on Tuesday, and initially Luke thought he’d attend, but then changed his mind.  He said after driving from Saskatchewan to BC he didn’t want to drive for a while.  However the dog and I enjoyed mom’s party, and everyone enjoyed him, especially when he devoured a mini quiche and grabbed a beef bun right out of a guest’s hand.

I used to get mad at kids who visited when Luke and Nicky were small if they complained Arnie or Mojo had stolen something out of their hands.  I’d remind them they’d been warned many times never to hold any food at waist height or lower as the dachshund always lurks, ready to spring.

For the first time in ten years, I planned the fruitcake inventory better, and instead of having any left over I ran out just a few days ago.  A few people tried to order, and if they were local I sent them to Discover Wines who have the bulk of them.  However yesterday I got a phone call that pushed me right over the edge of reason.

You know how I love to bake Christmas cookies, and I generally have a DVD of old Christmas tunes on so I can sing along.  Nothing cheers the soul more than “Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way to say Merry Christmas to you.”  I also love to have the tunes on while I’m decorating and wrapping, which I was also doing.

So in the midst of this, some man phoned and wondered if I could get two fruitcakes to Regina by Tuesday!  At first I actually tried.  I phoned Purolator but it was busy, so I went on-line and tried to find the shipping rate and time.

It seemed possible, so I phoned him back, and said I would ship via Purolator.  Then went back on-line and tried to arrange for pick up, but after half an hour of opening an account, then typing in my address it said pick up isn’t available at this location!  I realized I’d have to stand in line for hours on the Saturday before Christmas to ship two fruitcakes for someone who waited until now to order.

I picked up the phone, called him back and told him if he insisted I would do it, but would have to charge for my time.  Silence.  I then added perhaps he’d wanted to cancel this order and think about ordering in a more timely fashion next year, which he quickly said he would, and then we hung up.

Now I hope to have peace and quiet from the business so I cam complete the last of the preparations.  I found the cutest set of cloth antlers with bells I must’ve bought for Arnie or Mojo years ago which will look adorable on Louie.

He just loves company so is enjoying Luke’s visit, especially the amount of food debris in a wide swatch all around the kid.  Louie’s going to love Christmas, too with everyone here including mom, Margaret, Brendan and Denis.  Merry Christmas to all of you, too!

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