Another Week of Learning Experiences

You’d think after attending the gym for over 11 years I wouldn’t have a single muscle that isn’t in shape.  Surprise!  The other day I went to a new class at the gym, called “barre” and I was shocked at how hard it was.  To start with we did what felt like a thousand plies, as it’s a class comprised of ballet moves.

Stop laughing.  We don’t wear tutus or go on pointe, but we do exercises that are surprisingly hard.  At the beginning, the instructor told us to get 2-pound weights, and a seasoned attendee said, “trust me, that’s all you’ll need.”

I was expressing surprise, as in the weight training classes I an easily wing around 8-pound weights.  However when you do a thousand reps of something, a 2-pound weight gets mighty heavy.  It was a very interesting hour.

And today as I walked the dog I realized I’ve just gotten over the pain of walking.  I started walking Louie about two months ago, and I remember I had such sore shins and outer hip flexors I thought I must’ve done something at the gym.  These pains went away after a couple of weeks and new ones settled deep into my haunches.

Then today I noticed I no longer felt pain in my butt as the dog made me run up another long hill.  So doing different exercises certainly gets a variety of muscles working.  I wonder what activity I’ll do next only to discover another whole set of unused muscles.

I had a brief bout of hypochondria this week.  You’ll recall I managed to bang my eye on a garden stake and was told I had a vitreous detachment.  Though nothing serious, the eye doctor told me to come back in six weeks for a re-check, just to be sure I wasn’t one of the 1% of people who get a retinal detachment as a result.

I went in, and of course I’m completely fine.  Then just to make conversation, I said to the eye doctor, “You know it was weird, but in March when my mom’s partner was dying I was under so much stress I lost the vision in the upper half of my left eye for about 15 minutes.  That must’ve been a migraine-related event, right?”

She, being about Nicky or Luke’s age, said “No that sounds like an ocular stroke!”  She asked if I’d had my blood pressure checked lately, and I told her proudly I’d just had a physical and am in the peak of health.  She said, “I just worry about a carotid artery dissection.”

I went home and Googled everything, then phoned my dear old G.P. Dr. Lacroix, who’s in her 70’s.  I went to see her the next day and said, “Doc, am I in imminent danger of having a stroke?”

She looked puzzled, and pointed at the computer screen displaying my low blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugars and said, “How would you have a stroke?”  She said, “Honest to God, young doctors go for the most obscure things” and added a simple spasm can restrict blood flow to the optic nerve.

So you see, live and learn, and I do about so many things all the time.

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