I May Be Kicked From My Rut

Louie’s almost 12 weeks old, which according to the puppy books means his infancy is about to end.  I hope it’s not the end of his lovely peppery puppy breath, although if the insane biting settles down a bit it’ll be good.  The scarring on my hands coupled with the bulging veins is really becoming unsightly.

Margaret enjoyed her stay in Kelowna last week and spent lots of time hanging around with Louie because he’s so much fun to be with.  One of his favourite things to do is to lunge at your throat, teeth bared.  So adorable.

We had a lovely week of food, as besides the Thai chicken I made on the first night, we also had shrimp jambalaya, a gourmet meat loaf and steaks topped with balls of herbed butter.  We just skipped wine the entire week, preferring my new penchant for cocktails.

Margaret found a great apartment right on the UBC Endowment Lands, and as she’ll be faculty, she gets a subsidy.  Isn’t that great?  A a result, her goal is to own one of those old glass portable bars.  You know, a little square table made of glass, on wheels, where you can display all the bottles of licquor.  The top row is for the various sized glasses.

I told her if I come across one in my travels, I’ll get it for her.  But I’ll probably keep it for myself, as really, what could be nicer than one of those old glass tables on wheels?

Once Margaret left I decided I couldn’t stand the basement storage room being so messy any longer, and did a huge clean up.  I put masses of stuff in the car and drove straight to the Salvation Army, back from whence it came.  Now I can see what I actually have, and can stop buying the same stuff all the time.

There’s no yard work to be done, due to torrential rain, so I’m very glad to be left alone for a while.  With a one-acre property, one becomes quite tired of the daily farm chores that have to be done.  But now with heavy rain I can’t do a thing.

The delphiniums were all lying on their sides, of course, so I cut them and have a gorgeous bouquet.  They’re Pacific Giants, and the ones I cut are from the round table series and called King Arthur.  They’re magnificently tall and stately with gorgeous deep royal purple flowers.

Now I’m perusing cookbooks with great interest, as the German kids as well as Kathy and David’ll be coming over for dinner next weekend. I have a great cookbook for making homemade crackers, which could be nice with a lovely dip as an appy.

I got the cookbook from Jerralynn, as she’s a huge cracker maker.  I e mailed her the other day I’ve been baking myself into a stupor, and she asked who was eating all of the baking.  I replied that I certainly was not, given life has turned a page, and I may be on the verge of an actual date.

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