The Germans are Coming

Luke e mailed me that he’s having a great time in Thailand.  He said they just celebrated the festivals of Songkran and Tamboon.  These sound like loud, raucous Buddhist celebrations, hence tremendous fun.

He said he loves clowning around in the tiny village with his new family, and describes it so well I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye.  I thank God I had the opportunity to see it last November, otherwise it’d be impossible to imagine.

Luke said he was sitting out at the farm where the Bunyungs have their water buffalo, and watching dogs fighting, chickens running around and his wife Jan “talking very loudly in Isaan to her mom about some town gossip.”

Luke described eating eel and rice at the festivals, and drinking whiskey with the local Thai cops.  All of it makes me miss Thailand, and I definitely want to return there some day.  I must remember to ask him if the suitcase full of chocolate made it there okay.

Here in Opposite World, I’m trying to impose some strict order on the property, as The Germans, as we like to call them, are coming.  There are currently two relatives here at this time, and two more are expected at the end of the month.  I therefore wanted to have the property cleaned of garbage, and with any luck, I’ll have Luke’s car towed out of here to the scrap metal yard.

Yesterday Nicky’s friend Taylor kindly cleaned the sunroom roof for me, and it looks great.  When German relatives arrive, we start cleaning.  I can’t explain it, but it just occurs.  My sister in law Wendy is in a frenzy down at the Coast, as we’re all staying there the night before the relatives fly back to Germany.

So bit by bit I’m slapping the yard and house into shape, and have been forcing myself to do a bit more with so-called social media when I need a break.  I’m trying to post more on Facebook, so if you’re reading this you may want to be friends with Nuttier than a Fruitcake.  I’m attempting to post recipes and other helpful or funny articles there.

Then thanks to my faithful customer Ken out in Ontario, I’ve asked my web designer to update the testimonials part of my website.  Ken pointed out that all testimonials ended in 2008, and I told him it was due to sloth on my part, and thanked him for giving me the nudge.  I’m obviously not intrinsically motivated.

Now that I have Netflix I’ve been working my way through the old TV series, Lost, and find I dream about it as well. When you watch it nightly you’re immersed in their world, and I end up wondering if this is some kind of religious experience, or are they (or am I) high on acid?  It’s a great mystery, and as I’m on episode #42 of 100, I’ll let you know when I find out.

In the meantime, I have to get out the paint tray, paint and roller, and touch up some of the lattice around the edge of my deck.  First I have to find a nail or two to repair some broken pieces of lattice, and as I don’t own nails, it’s always the smallest details that can derail a project.  Why I don’t buy a pack of nails is another of life’s mysteries.

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