Musings about Thailand

I’m excited because I get to send even more chocolate to Thailand.  You’ll recall I took 15 or 20 pounds of chocolate in my suitcase on my trip, and the people in Jan’s village were crazy over it.  Not that they got a lot, as I heard Jan’s mother ate the majority of it.  But a friend from the gym is going to Bangkok with her husband, and they’re going to meet with Jan, and Marilyn said she’s happy to take a few boxes for me.

The new long weekend in February was great, though I did nothing of any value.  Of course I visited all of my favourite stores, the Rutland Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store, The Mennonite Thrift Store, the Salvation Army, and on Sundays at 10:00 I always go to “church”.  That would be Value Village, as the other three are closed that day.

Because it’s February I have little to do, so am bored out of my nut, and therefore I get excited over the smallest things.  I was browsing around on-line the other week and came across a company that puts family coats of arms on all manner of things.  My mom’s maiden name is Castillon, and I ordered a mouse pad with the family coat of arms on it.

Why a mouse pad for an 88-year-old?  Because mom learned how to send and receive e mails, Google items of interest and Skype in the past year.  So what could be more adorable than a personalized mouse pad?  I’ve had the same red standard dachshund mouse pad for about 18 years.

I think Luke must’ve lived prior lives in Thailand as he’s very comfortable when there.  I said that to Jan, and she said, “Wherever he was, I was with him.  We were soul mates in past lives and now we found each other again.”  Isn’t that adorable?  But there’s something wonderful about Thailand, and I find myself thinking about it often.

One fortunate thing is I’m friends on Facebook with Pon, a woman who works at the Secret Garden on Koh Samui, where we stayed.  I adore reading her posts, though last week I was alarmed to see the Rottweiler, Roti, was missing.  She said John, the Dutch owner, was sleepless with worry.

I had sent a message saying I loved having that dog accompany me as I walked along the beach.  He loved digging for live crabs in the sand and could find them hidden a couple of feet down.  But then a couple of days later she posted the dog had been found and John rewarded the Thai man who found him 5,000 Baht ($160.00).

But you know something interesting that happened as a result of the trip to Thailand and seeing people that poor?  I kind of look at the 25 pairs of pants, 30 tops and 45 pairs of shoes and think enough already!  Even if bought for five bucks at a thrift store, it’s just way too much stuff for one person to own.  And then I never wear three quarters of it, so why have it?

And now, as spring looms, I have two choices.  I can paint this room, or I can begin to write that damned memoir of Nuttier.  I pictured choosing the paint colour, taping the room, finding the paint tray, pouring the paint, getting a drop sheet and brush, and suddenly inspiration hit.  Please think positive thoughts for me, and maybe for once, I’m going to write the stupid memoir.

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