Sticking to One’s Guns

Today is Nicky’s 23rd birthday, and he plans to spend it with one of our relatives who just arrived from Germany.  It’s far too convuluted to explain how we’re related, but suffice it to say it all stems back to my gramma’s father, Johannes Pfingsttag and his wife Louise.

When Nicky and I visited our German relatives in 2009 Nicky and Andre met for the first time, and became friends.  Andre arrived in Vancouver on Monday,  so Nicky drove down to pick him up.  They spent that night and the next at Freddie and Wendy’s new house on Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge.

Today they plan to pack a picnic lunch and hike around the Kettle Valley railway trestles.  It’s so beautiful up there and you get the most amazing views of the entire valley below.  I’m sure any German would love that!

Last week I went to Osoyoos to spend a night as Gerry’s son David, and his grandson Jacob, were visiting from Virginia.  We’re all very proud of David, as he’s an extremely well-known defence attorney in the US.  He’s the lawyer who defended Susan Smith, as he’s an advocate against the death penalty.

While I was there, mom and I took the golf cart out into the orchard as the people who lease it were picking our peaches. This is our signal to move quickly, as then we just take peaches off the top of the filled bins, and don’t need to bother to actually pick them from the trees.  It’s so much quicker and easier that way.

I arrived back in Kelowna laden with peaches, and as Nicky and Andre’ll be going there this weekend, I’d like another shipment of the same brought back.  It’s too bad, but the majority of people in the world haven’t ever eaten a ripe  peach, so they have no idea what they’re missing.

I received a phone call from a nice customer in Ontario who ordered a fruitcake last year to be sent to his daughter.  He said, “Do you remember?  I wanted a special stamp put on it?”  And I did recall that, and said, yes, I remembered a large whale stamp worth $10.00.  He was thrilled I’d remembered that.

Now he happens to be in BC, so is coming by to pick up some fruitcakes while here to save on shipping.  So it’s just a reminder that each and every fruitcake sold has such a large ripple effect, you can never tell what will come of it.

And now, wouldn’t you know it since I decided to stop selling wholesale, Urban Fare is opening a store in Kelowna!  As you may recall, they’ve carried my product at their Yaletown store for years.  And the ad in the paper says they’re looking for locally-made products.

It’s sad, really, as if I was twenty years younger, I could likely do it.  But now as an exhausted 58-year-old, I just looked at the ad and went, “oh well.”  I’m certainly not going to change my mind, as I far prefer the whale-stamp man and his small purchase to months in the kitchen in order to sell wholesale to anonymous buyers.

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