For Once, Moderation Reigned

I enjoy running around town acting like a complete eccentric.  For instance, last week I was at Buckerfield’s buying dog food.  A woman became briefly distraught as she thought she’d lost her car keys.  I told her and the clerk that I avoid that very fate by keeping my keys safely in the ignition.  Both women appeared horrified, and weren’t sure what to say.

Imagine how conflicted I was to see that the Dragon’s Den team was in Kelowna again, scouting for businesses.  Now that I’ve decided I want to be a small, artisan, on-line food business I have to keep reminding myself of my new goal.  But you know what a publicity hound I am, so appearing on that show would be somewhat titillating.

Margaret, who’s a marketing maven, is currently staying with me.  She’s touring around this area for her new contract to do social media for Tourism BC.  She’s teaching people my age how to use Twitter and all of the new social media.  You can imagine how relieved people are when they understand it and can use it.

Are you watching the Republican primaries?  I’ve watched quite a lot of them, and must say, I sure enjoy seeing the weak group of candidates on the far right.  I like to imagine President Obama, giggling at the gaffs played out for all of us on the nightly news.

Last night Margaret and I were in Osoyoos for mom’s 87th birthday.  There were eight of us for dinner.  As I said to Nicky when we arrived back home today, Margaret made the mistake of a novice, and is now paying for it, as this was her first experience with mom’s dinner parties.  Nicky just shook his head and chuckled.

We’ve all experienced it, so we know exactly how it can occur.  For example, the evening began at 6:00 with champagne.  Then with dinner there was both red and white wine, and Margaret drank several glasses of each.  When she asked me to open another bottle of wine for her at midnight, I knew trouble lay ahead.

I had wisely stopped drinking earlier on, as I know there’s no way I can keep up with mom or her guests, which included the mayor and local MLA.  I learned long ago that I’m a total lightweight so I don’t even try.

I made a couple of new appetizer recipes, one of which was okay, and that was crab cakes.  Then for dinner Jerralynn made steaks with giant prawns and asparagus, and Hollandaise sauce on top.  I’d made mom’s favourite rum cake for dessert.  I think even the cake can cause hangovers because the rum’s added after it’s baked.

Needless to say it was a long drive back to Kelowna for Margaret this morning.  I just thank God I’m okay.  And can I confess something?  I can’t help but feeling like gloating over my new-found prudence.

I need it, as I’m off to Toronto at the end of April to hang around with Alison, my pal since primary school.  I have a feeling there won’t be a lot of opportunity for me to gloat on that trip!

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