Dementia and Other Illnesses

I find unless I make a conscious effort to remember something, I forget it immediately.  The worst thing is when I think of something I have to do just before turning off the light to go to sleep.  I don’t want to get up and write it down, so I have to grasp for other mnemonic aids.

What I now do is place the Ped Egg, which is always on my night table, onto the clock radio.  Then when I wake up and see the Ped Egg, I know I have to remember something important.  It may take me a while to recall what it is, but it helps to know I’m supposed to be remembering something.

Last evening I went out for chicken wings at a pub near Kathy’s house.  She was there along with our other friend, Sharon.  I drank two nice glasses of Gray Monk Gewurtz in the two hours we were there, and ate the wings.  Then when I got home, I thought oh what the hell, and had a small glass of wine.

Well!  Six Advil and one Gravol later, and I’m able to sit up and type.  I think it’s probably time for me to admit I’m as delicate as an African violet, and just stop drinking.  How  brave of me to have persevered for so long, eh?

Okay, one or two glasses is now my maximum, as when one lives in the Okanagan Valley, going without wine just seems foolish.  One of my fav’s, and one which you can probably only get here, is a Gewurtz made by Okanagan Vineyards of Oliver.  I think it’s around $8.00, which is crazy cheap.

Just so you can walk a mile in my shoes, I’m going to list the debris left behind from a 24-hour eating extravaganza of Nicky’s.  This isn’t unusual, by the way.

There were empty boxes of Viva Puffs cookies, sweet and salty granola bars, President’s Choice granola bars, a medium-sized bag of potato chips, a large Orange Julius cip, Snack Pack pudding containers, a can of ravioli with a spoon standing upright in the empty can, and a squeeze bottle of Golden Syrup which Nicky said he just likes to drink.

To keep costs down, I also bake.  I made a banana loaf, extra large bran muffins and tried a new recipe for apple sauce muffins.  All of the home-baked goods are eaten the day they’re made.  And still, the hunger continues unabated.

I e mailed mom that I hoped he didn’t contract some sort of worm while in the Caribbean, as he remains as tall and skinny as Ichabod Crane.  I’m eating Lean Cuisine for lunch, and can grab handfuls of lard around my stomach, so don’t feel any of this is fair.

I was happy to receive an order from a local women who wanted one of each of the things I make.  I delivered then to her house, and she gave me a tip for the delivery!  Some people are so nice.  Then I also received a call from someone going to visit her sister in Vancouver and she wants to take some products to her as well.

Thank God I work from home, is all I can say, as I would not do well in an office today.

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