Continual Dripping Wears Away the Stone

You’ll recall that the vet said the dog was too chubby and I was given a special diet food for both of the dogs.  I’ve been giving it to them for the past week, and they don’t like being on a diet at all.  They used to get their dinner at 5:00, then it was 4:30, then 4:00 and now I can’t feed them any later than 3:30 or my nerves would go.

Mojo starts at 2:30, and as I’m sitting here typing she stands beside me, whining.  It’s so pitiful yet so annoying as the dog’s still really stout and doesn’t look at all like she’s starving.  It kind of reminds me of when the kids were small and whined for nothing, and I almost went insane then, too.

I went to the airport on Friday night at the appointed time to get Nicky from his trip to the Caribbean.  He’d only been gone three weeks, but when I saw him I hardly recognized him.  He was very tanned, his hair was blonde, and he was super thin.  Apparently sleeping and living on a sailboat day and night is a lot of work because he said something always needed fixing.

On Saturday morning I handed Nicky the digital box from Shaw Cable, and it began.  It seemed straight-forward, but nooooo.  By 5:00 PM we concluded the last of four long calls to Shaw, and voila! I now have HBO, movie channels and Deutsche Welle, which is fab.  Now I can work on my German whenever I feel bored.

I received one of those e mails that makes me want to vomit.  A customer said the Okanagan Harvest Cake she’d bought was disappointing because it seemed overdone.  I felt sick.  I replied that I’d bring another over immediately, and did so the next day.

Then the nice woman replied that this one was perfect, as all previous ones had been that she’d bought over the years.  That was good, but I still feel sick about others that were made the same time as that one that are obviously dreck as well.

However, by the next day I had an e mail from a woman who’d ordered for the first time at Christmas, and wanted to order four more Totally Decadent fruitcakes as she said they were so fabulous.  So that was gratifying.

But that’s why I find the artisan food business living hell.  I just don’t know how much longer my nerves are going to be able to take it.  I mentioned it to a nice woman at the gym who suggested I should try to sell it.  But then I get all crazy and territorial thinking about it, so obviously it’s not the right thing to do yet.

Another woman from the gym took the time to come up and tell me she’d tried the chocolate bark for the first time at Christmas and loved it so much she’s sorry she tried it!  I said well look out because at Valentine’s more will be for sale out in the front office of the gym.

In the meantime, I’ll just cast my fate to the wind.  Besides, I have other more pressing concerns.  I have dinner to prepare for a 22 and a half year old who shows no signs whatsoever of leaving his sainted mother’s home.

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