Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s no way to explain why a person goes into entrepreneurship.  Right now, I’m three quarters dead, and people are asking me in earnest, “Is it worth your while?  Do you make any money at it?”  And I have to keep the smile pasted on my face, while my mind searches for a way to answer without appearing insane, or completely stupid.

This is Year #8 of fruitcake-making for the public, and I’ve learned so many things that I really do need to write one of those e books about it all.  You know, How I Made a Few Bucks While Working Like a Fool, or something like that.

But seriously, there are too many wonderful things that happen, and that I wouldn’t give up for anything, even sanity.  Last Thursday after baking like a crazy person all day, I thought I’d better check my e mails, and there was a nice one from Shaw Cable, saying they want to come and film me baking!

So they’ll be here this Thursday at 10:00 AM, and this will be my fifth filming.  CHBC-TV’s filmed me twice, and this will be Shaw Cable’s second time as well.  Though the first time they interviewed me, and there wasn’t any baking involved.  The fifth interview was from an on-line TV station.

Hence I know what to do this time.  First of all, I cleaned the kitchen, and have removed all ugly-looking things, and replaced them with cheery Christmas stuff.  I have the ideal pair of oven mitts, in green and red plaid, and will wear a raspberry-coloured blouse, and a black half-apron.

It’s a scary time, as I know all of the media will hit at the same moment.  Savour Magazine, the Kelowna Capital News and Food and Wine Trails Magazine will have have articles mentioning my products.  Then the Shaw Cable piece will likely hit at the same time, so there may be a sudden spike in orders.

As a result, and due to white-faced panic over the unknown, I spent yesterday packaging the Totally Decadents.  Now I know exactly what I have on hand, and can deliver at a moment’s notice.  However, I just started packaging the Harvests, and can see I’m a bit short of inventory, and may have to bake on the weekend.

Being the egomaniac that I am, I adore the media coverage, but even with all of that looming, I sometimes daydream about the time when I’ll be out of the fruitcake business.  Decembers will be spent browsing stores, baking, sending cards, and generally enjoying the season.

But obviously I’m not ready for that yet, as I just sent a note to Sheryl MacKay, host of the CBC program North by Northwest, in response to her request for listeners’ childhood Christmas memories.

I told her mine was of my gramma baking her cookies each year, and perhaps that’s from where my love of baking stems.  I sent Sheryl a fruitcake, too, so if she mentions it, I’ll have covered almost all media formats possible.  Shameless!

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