The Owl and the Pussycat

As I type this I can hear the raucous hoot hooting of the great horned owls who love the tall Ponderosa pines around here.  Of course as a cat and small dog owner I’m not all that thrilled by their penchant for small pets as food, but as long as they’re just eating rabbits and other mammals, then okay.

I know I’ve told you this before, but I believe this time it’s really going to happen.  Chytra Brown, associate publisher of Niche Media, who produce Savour Magazine, contacted me last week.  She said they’re doing a section on gifts for the December issue, and wondered if I could send photos and short descriptions of my products.

I did so immediately, and haven’t heard back, but am hoping and praying that I do indeed get into that spread.  She e mailed that my bark “is to die for” so I have a feeling a strong emphasis will be on the chocolate bark.  This is rather scary in some ways, as I kind of know what numbers of fruitcakes to bake based on past sales, but this is my first year carrying bark.

But that’s the fun of entrepreneurship.  You’re constantly getting surprised by things, and on top of it, cheques arrive in the mail.  It’s really quite wonderful.  Though on a day like today, when I plan to bake 84 fruitcakes, by the end of it I’ll be somewhat less enamoured by the thrill of being an entrepreneur.

I’ve had to cut my gym attendance from five to four times per week due to time constraints.  I still walk the dogs daily, though, as now that it’s a habit they actually get all antsy and demand their walk.  At first they hid under the bed, but now they realuzie it’s fun so they look forward to it.

Yesterday Ricky thought a garbage can was some type of prey to be pursued, so we ran the length of Wildwood Street toward it.  He didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed when he realized it was a garbage can, but then that dog’s no Einstein.

The other day the phone rang at 5:30 PM and it was someone from the Kelowna Wine Museum calling.  The woman said, “We’ll take four cases of fruitcakes.”  I said, “You want 96 fruitcakes?” And she said she did, as they were down to just six fruitcakes in their store, and people were beginning to ask about them.

So I didn’t waste time and spent the next couple of hours packaging their order.  I’ve learned that you never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because of all the surprises in small business.

Now the cat’s jumped up beside me and is looking out the window, growling at the deer that likes to graze on the neighbour’s knoll.  Why one would have to growl at an innocent deer is beyond me, but you know how crabby cats are.

But in spite of these days, fraught with orders and the unknown, I take great comfort and enjoyment from the owls, deer, dogs and cats around me.  Even if I do have to push a hind paw off my keyboard every time I need the letters on the left.

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