Comedy/Tragedy Mask

I was a complete wreck after Jack Layton’s funeral on Saturday.  I’m the sort of person you just hate to have near you during a time of grief.  I always cry far harder than the directly bereaved.  Even someone who is good at remaining composed gets thrown off by someone like me who cries right into their face.

But then I suppose that’s what I have to accept about myself, as it counter-balances the times I’m flat on the ground, laughing at something inane.  I was watching an episode of Trailer Park Boys the other night, and killing myself.  It was the episode where Randy becomes the manager of the trailer park, and he has to remove dozens and dozens of Ricky’s dad’s pee jugs.

Nicky and Luke were quite insulted a while ago when I mulled over for the hundredth time who I’d cast for Trailer Park Boys.  I said, “You guys’d be Cory and Trevor.” As Cory and Trevor are so dumb they’re treated as pets, the boys were quite miffed at my suggestion.  No matter how I cast it though, my brother always gets to play Julian, as he’s a dead-ringer for him.

And now the good news: I found the shade of pink I was searching for and will be painting my bedroom this weekend.  Then I looked at this room, my office, and realized it needs painting, too.  Now I have to spend God knows how long choosing the right colour for in here.  You see why I can’t do anything?

This morning I moved four large house plants back into the house, causing a domino-effect of decorating changes.  This took a couple of hours, as I had to spend several minutes just standing and feeling the ambiance after each item was placed in its new spot.  When I say to people, “My home is my castle” they really have no idea how seriously I mean that.

Nicky’s finished his summer job as a warehouseman at Canadian Tire, and is preparing for school by eating.  I don’t know why, but after dinner he continues to have a salad bowl of cereal with half a litre of Creamo, then he gets into the chips and cookies.  Sadly, he is leaner than ever, so it’s just rude.

On Monday I met Kathy and her new boyfriend David, as well as Kathy’s relatives for some chicken wings and wine at their local pub.  There was a couple visiting from Germany, so I got to practice my German, which was fun.  Sadly, after drinking wine at the pub I had champagne at Kathy’s, and then I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear I had to miss gym the following morning.

Because I love to laugh like a wild hyena whenever possible, I’ve made a list of comedies I have to rent one of these days.  The reason I don’t rent them is really quite sad; it’s because I don’t trust myself to be able to play a DVD.  It’s true.  I bought a camera in July, and it’s still in its box, even though I was so excited about the prospect of making cooking videos for You Tube.

But what can I do?  I try to focus on the positives, such as the moussaka I made for the first time that Nicky declared delicious.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, which is probably a good thing.

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