Relaxing Passtimes

 I think there’s a good reason why the mothers of some species have to literally chase their young away to get them to strike out on their own.  Sometimes a firm, direct message is the only way to show them you mean business.  I, of course, am much too soft-hearted to do the same, though this week my patience was tested mightily.

The saga began last December when Nicky and his friend Jordan were driving in his very old Honda and pulled up to a random road check.  The policewoman was in no way amused by the shape of his car, and began to prepare a rather long list of items that would have to be done before the car could be re-insured.

So then the car repairing began, which involved dozens of trips to Pick-a-Part for used parts.  Some of the harder repairs, like the windshield replacement, had to be done in a shop.  Suffice it to say this 1980 Honda has cost thousands of dollars to date, and yesterday it finally passed the inspection.

However, I had to be taken through the wringer as each time it was inspected, and failed, I would somehow be involved.  I don’t give a damn about the car. But to be nice would force myself to ask a question about the inspection, only to have a frustrated kid angrily explain to me in four-letter words what was wrong with our entire system.

And then today Luke’s arriving with Michelle and Dan (the Boarder).  I said to Luke, “Is Dan going to stay here, too, or will he stay at his mother’s?”  Do you get the broad hint I’m making in that question? However, Luke replied very happily, “I think he’s staying at our house.” 

I suppose in some ways it’s good because Nicky’ll be hanging out with the three of them downstairs, and I’ll be alone upstairs in the living room with my margarita in front of me.  Honest to God, I don’t know how I would survive child-rearing without alcohol.

And guess what else?  Luke said they’re staying for three weeks!!  I said to Nicky I just hope you’ll be at your job at Canadian Tire by 5:00 AM every day.  He’s been getting up faithfully at 4:30 for the past month, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it continues.  Fortunately, he’s maxed out on his credit card from the car repair, so he basically has to keep working.

Besides alcohol, I’ve also been calming myself down with a lot of thrift store shopping.  I find it’s one of the most relaxing things I can do.  The other day I got a great Craftsman brand shop vac for $25.  Today I got a brand new, never worn black Jones New York trench coat for $10.

And then, joy of joys, I was reminded by someone of a thrift store on Dayton Avenue that I’d forgotten about.  All of my shovels are broken, and they have nice old wooden-handled ones for around $6.  Pretty soon I think only food, which let’s face it is better the first time, will be the only thing I don’t buy used.

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