Some Forward Movement

March seems to have snuck by me, unnoticed.  I went outside yesterday and realized the sun is already stinking hot.  Winter became spring and I had no idea it was occurring!  It’s kind of horrible to realize that one’s life is going by like that, in a somnambulant daze.

I was thrilled to get an on-line order yesterday from a woman in Summerland.  She ordered both fruitcakes and bark, so I see my evil scheme is working.  Of course when I had just one kind of fruitcake, people bought just the one.  Then when I added the Okanagan Harvest Cake, people said, “Aw heck, I’ll  just have to take one of each.”

So now when you go on my site and you’re ordering a fruitcake or two, why not throw in a few pounds of Belgian chocolate made with local dried fruit?  I’m telling you, one of these days you’ll be saying, “I knew her when.”  I just wish that day would come sooner rather than later.

And why? Because I gave in and bought a spring In-Style Magazine.  Dear God!  I want a pant suit I saw in there very badly.  It’s beige, and made of some type of stretch fabric, and has a very short jacket.  Tres chic.  Then I saw a Guess handbag that nearly made me weep.

Using this new-found motivation I decided I’m going to have to get out there and start marketing again.  To start, I’ve booked the showcase at the woman’s gym for the week before Easter.  I bought some Easter-themed bags from a dollar store, and will display my wares surrounded by adorable fake grass and other kitschy stuff.

I ran into Steve MacNaull, the business reporter for the Daily Courier newspaper.  As a result, I thought oh what the heck, I’d better e mail him and update him on the bark.  You never know when it’s a slow news week.

Here’s the irony of gardening.  I remember it distinctly, the year was 2004.  I had just torn the nail off my left big toe, and was hobbling around.  I was getting Nicky to help me prepare the little mound at the top of the driveway.  I wanted him to help me get rid of all of the grasses in it so I could plant periwinkle.

The periwinkle got planted, but had a hard time in some places.  Year after year I hauled the hose over to the mound to water it.  Each year I planted more periwinkle in any bare places.  Finally, this year the mound is completed covered in lovely periwinkle.

Now I’m going to need Nicky’s help to remove every bit of periwinkle from the mound.  Once it’s all completely dug out, roots and all, I’m going to get a huge pile of bark mulch and dump it onto the mound.  That’s how it looked when we moved here in 1990, and now it’s going back to the way it was.  Why I wanted to do so much gardening, I do not know.

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