I was in Osoyoos on Saturday because my brother Freddie and his wife Wendy were there from the Coast.  Luckily, we happened to be sitting at the dining room table when the moon rose, and mom said, “Wow, look at the moon!”  And indeed, it was huge and very bright.  Then on Sunday I heard it was some special lunar event, not to be repeated for another few years.

And speaking of lunacy, the continual gloating over my weight loss has motivated my dear friend Alison to join Weight Watchers.  Now what have I done?  She’s on her way down with her weight, and due to the evil chocolate bark, I’m on my way back up.  Perhaps we’ll meet somewhere in the middle and stay there.

Oh well.  I suppose it’s a good thing to be so inspirational to others.  I’ve been trying to spread the message about xeriscaping to people, and it seems to be making them think.  On Saturday my mom, Wendy and I went to mom’s landscaper’s yard to see his sustainable landscaping.

The main feature is the mulch, which is planted with water-friendly flowers and shrubs.  Each plant has a drip so one isn’t watering an entire area for nothing.  There’s much less lawn, and the walkways are covered in pebbles.  The main thing is to reduce watering and increase the ground’s ability to absorb the paltry amounts of rain we get.

The landscaper’s drawn the plans for mom’s front lawn, and I’m excited to see it unfold.  I’m in the unfortunate position of having to do my own, though I’m going to hire a bit of labour for some of it.  Certainly I’m going to need them to help me with the sprinkler system because I can’t even set the alarm on my clock radio.

However we all have our strengths, and the boys have always been very pleased with whatever food I produce for them.  The other day Nicky’s friend Felix said he felt bad about eating here all the time, and insisted on giving me $50 so that he’d feel okay about accepting my invitations to join us for dinner.

I then made a punch card for him, and he’s got two dinners down, eight more to go.  I figured $5 should cover his gourmet meal, plus dessert.  He’s very appreciative, and no matter what I say about the food, he says, “It’s always good, no matter what you make.”  Who wouldn’t want to cook for someone like that?

Other appreciative eaters are my web designer and the nice man who made my business cards.  I’ve never met either of them as they both live in Victoria.  For the card designer I sent a pound of bark, because he did an edit on the cards for me.  And for my web designer, I sent an assortment of squares, cookies and bark to thank him for all the work he just did on my site with the chocolate bark.

As Nicky pointed out, the barter system only works if both parties feel the product is of equal worth.  As I need technical help, and they are single males who need home-baked goods, it seems to be working so far.

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