The New Venture Actually Took Off

My life is filled with one hare-brained scheme after another, but this time I think I might really be onto something.  As you know, I’ve been experimenting with the chocolate bark idea.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that I learned how to temper chocolate so that it looks all nice and professional.

I took samples to my gym, and as a result, I sold several pounds of chocolate to members.  I thought that was pretty exciting, but it got even better.  Last week, a super nice woman named Joanne asked if I could make 300 individual pieces for her company’s upcoming convention in Burnaby!

Of course I said yes, and then have been working like a frightened  idiot ever since.  I really love things like that, because I’m a big procrastinator.  With great haste I made a mock-up of a label and went on-line to search for cello bags.  I had to buy more chocolate and candy a whole bunch of almonds.

One of the very worst things about this venture is the proliferation of very bad food in the house at all times.  Just talking about those candied almonds is making me hungry, and oh yeah, there’s pounds of them right in my own house!

I’ve decided I need to buy my own dehydrator.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think I’d like to dry my own fruit.  I want to use really nice ripe Okanagan fruit, and what better source than my mom’s orchard in Osoyoos?  And really, how hard can it be to learn how to dehydrate fruit?

Ain’t life grand?  I can’t imagine not having wild schemes whirling about in my head.  I think it’s because of that that I’ve seriously had second doubts about hunting for the elusive male on-line.  It’s strange, but for weeks now I’ve had the theme song from that old movie, Born Free, running through my head.

Somehow I don’t think a chocolate and fruitcake-making, fruit dehydrating beekeeper with a kajillion spoiled pets sounds appealing to most men.  Though when I see how badly the kitchen ceiling needs painting I think I should stop being silly and not be so averse to having someone cramp my style.

I’m sure someday I’ll get bored with being able to do whatever I like whenever I feel like it.  But for now I adore things like the ‘girls’ get-togethers we often have at my dear pal Kathy’s house.  I’ve described it to you before – gleaming, beautiful, all Jordans all the time.

The downside to the Saturday night event was waking up sick on Sunday, which suffice to say, was a quiet day.  I had all manner of plans for the business, but instead ended up on the couch reading Margaret Trudeau’s latest memoir, Changing My Mind.  I adore reading it, as I remember those times well.

It must be that hare-brained schemers like to read about other hare-brained schemers to make them feel less mad.

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