What a Stimulating and Interesting Week!

I’m not sure what happened, other than to say I got myself focused and it worked.  You know those books about getting what you want by visualizing it?  There’s a good reason why they sell – it works!  If you think about something positively, a good change will come your way.

I’ve long been searching for a product that would take the business more year-round.  I do okay with the Okanagan Harvest Cake at wineries during the summer, but still wanted something more than that.  You may recall I’d considered making chocolate pate at one time.

But because I already have masses of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit in the house, I’ve decided to try my hand at chocolate bark.  First, I met with the owner of Lake Country Harvest, a local dried fruit company, and sampled her wares.  Her cherries are really very nice.

I then bought some white Callebaut chocolate, and decided to make white bark with Okanagan cherries and roasted almonds. However, once I’d roasted the almonds and tried it, I went “meh.”  It was okay, but nothing special.  I prayed for the muse of bark-making to descend upon me, and as usual when we ask for this type of help, it arrives.

I came upon a brilliant idea of making my own candied almonds by stirring butter and sugar together, then adding the almonds.  Once coated, they’re very crunchy on the outside, and so very nice in the soft white chocolate.  Before I added the cherries I tossed them with vanilla sugar.  The end result is bark that’s both attractive and very good.

I spent hours trying various combinations of fruits and nuts, and have come up with four kinds for now.  Tomorrow I’m going to send some to my dear web designer to photograph and post on my site.  Because I don’t want to sell to stores, I’m only going to have the bark available from my site.

I already have an order for a pound from one of the women at my gym, so am taking that as a good sign.  For now my packaging’s going to be pretty basic until I know what the demand is like.

Besides that, I started writing an ebook.  In case you don’t know, it’s one of those PDF files that you pay for, then download, so no actual product has to be shipped.  Since I have my website already, it seems silly not to use it more.  The topic of my book is weight loss, as it’s a topic I know all too well.  Maybe it’s strange for a purveyor of such fattening foods, but perhaps that’ll have some cachet.

When I tell people what I do, they say, “it doesn’t show”, so perhaps a diet book makes sense.  You should’ve seen me with all of the bark experiments, as of course I had to try all of it.  I’d better get that product developed and behind me so that the diet book continues to make sense once I have it written.  No-one wants a 200 pound diet book author.

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