The Costly Muse of Motivation

When Margaret was here earlier this month, and I was dropping her off for her talk on social media, she said she was a bit nervous.  I said, “Just pray for the Muse of Public Speaking to descend upon you.”  I’ve often told people that I ask for various muses to descend upon me, and when they ask what happens, I can honestly reply, “They usually do.”

So, when I prayed for the Muse of Motivation to descend upon me this week, it (or perhaps she) mercifully did.  I finally took inventory of how much baking supplies I have on hand, and realized I don’t have enough tins.  I vaguely recall throwing away a hundred or so in December, but Step 2 – re-ordering, had alluded me.

So much better to know all of this now, before Marilyn comes barreling up the driveway, ready to bake.  Besides quickly ordering more tins, I placed a large order at the bulk foods store, and have asked for new labels to be designed for the Totally Decadent Fruitcakes.  Once I have those, all my labels will hopefully be done.

You can imagine the amount of coercion required to get me to do that, so off to the clothing stores I went.  I started at the sainted Bay, where I surprised myself entirely by buying a bathing suit.  Where that came from, I have no idea!  As it was 30% off, I immediately spent the money I’d saved at my favourite consignment store.  I bought a pair of adorable Liz Claiborne pants and floral-printed Susan Bristol shift.

Unfortunately, as with all addicts, opening the door a tiny bit is a complete mistake.  The next day I went to my second-favourite consignment store, and as they had 50% off all shoes, I bought a to-die-for pair of pink sandals.  On the shelf they had the most gorgeous bag, and the woman said it was a Gucci, and was around $350.

She said, “Would you like to hold it?”  I, being much cagier than the saleslady, declined.  I said, “If I go to the SPCA to look at kittens I don’t hold them, either.”  When I got home I told Nicky and his girlfriend about the great bag.  Taya said her mother (an antiques dealer) found a Gucci purse at a garage sale for $10.  The owner said she’d paid $3,000.

Taya said it was in a ‘weird’ colour of yellow, and the lining was dirty, so though her mother had given it to her, she never used it.  I said, “You give me that bag right away.”  And she said she would!  I’ll keep you posted on that, for sure.

Since early March the Muse of Dieting has remained, and I think this has added a new dimension to shopping.  Now I say to myself that I ‘need’ this or that item, and so you can imagine the predicament I’m now in.  I ‘need’ new clothes, and I want motivation to bake, so the hunger is insatiable.

However, as long as the muses keep me shopping for baking supplies, ordering new labels, and marketing to stores, then I guess that’s just the price one has to pay.



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