Variable I.Q.s

Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when Luke was home?  You may recall me saying I was cooking and cleaning like a lunatic, and it feels like it was just two minutes ago.  Yet, it was actually two months ago, and he’s home once again!  Not that I begrudge my beloved child a visit, but honestly.

This morning a made a dozen trips up and down the stairs, retrieving half-full cans of beer, a partially eaten package of Camembert, tipped Slurpee cups, and bowls caked with God knows what.  When Luke comes home, he arrives very hungry.  I guess that’s what home is for, so I have to stop being so resistant to it all.

My friend and sister-in-law, Margaret, was also here because she was giving a talk on social media.  She said she uses me as a test case, and as I’m too dumb to know almost everything she mentions, she said she knows people in ‘my demographic,’ ie old, need her help.

As you may recall, she’s the one who talked me into doing the monthly newsletter and to get onto Twitter and Facebook.  I love her newest idea for my business, which is to make videos and put them on my site.  Wouldn’t that be hilarious?  People everywhere could see me driving off, Ricky perched on my neck.

But seriously, Margaret said I could be filmed making various recipes, which could be helpful to some people.  She admitted that even though my recipes involve only four or five steps, they’re too complicated for her.  I often like to tease her about things like that, but then she reminds me that she has 2,000 followers on Twitter, so I shut up.

So, I guess that shows you that what one person considers the height of idiocy, such as not knowing how Twitter can help you in business, or conversely, not being able to produce Yorkshire puddings, is highly individual.  I asked Luke if he knew how to zip e mails, and he looked at me as though I was asking him if he knew how to count to three.

Mercifully, Luke and Michelle left for a trip to Vegas today, and won’t return until Wednesday.  That means I have a few days where I can work my way through piles of debris and that’ll hopefully enable me to clear my mind enough to do some more marketing.  I still haven’t called N’Kmip to see if they want to carry my product!

I e mailed Marilyn and asked her if she’d be able to help me bake a bit.  I know I had previously decided I could work away at baking on my own.  But surprise!  I haven’t done one damn bit of baking, so obviously I need to have Marilyn driving up to the house at an appointed time and date.  However, I see this problem-solving ability as just another sign of intelligence, however small.

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