Home Work-Outs

Spring’s definitely here, and it’s wonderful that it’s so early.  However, living in the Okanagan means serious water restrictions as a result of the low snowpack.  Unfortunately, as I’ve fought my way through to having a proper English garden, I now find myself in the position of being an environmental pariah.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, and all that.  What can I do?  I adore my delphiniums, phlox and dahlias, and they all want water.  So to do my bit I’ve been tearing out tons of the juniper bushes that grow below our house.

Twenty years ago it was a tidy strip of junipers.  However, when I started cutting, I was amazed at how much they’ve multiplied and spread.  The week before Mojo had cornered a mother raccoon and two babies under there.  It was really hard to reach her, so that was part of the impetus for the pruning.

After about an hour, my heart rate was verging on the catastrophic, and sweat was dripping off my hair.  Most of the exertion wasn’t really from the cutting, but from pulling the runners out of the ground.  I came in the house, and beseeched Nicky to lend a hand, which he kindly did.

So with the fireplace and wall painted, and the junipers seriously pruned, I feel satisfaction at two large jobs done.  I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning, too, so now feel justified in pouring my energy and time into the vegetable garden.  I still have a couple of more raised beds that I want to make, but that’s a lot like the juniper project – heavy sweat equity required.

In the meantime, I’ve booked hair and Botox appointments, as that’s as necessary as spring cleaning.  One wants to look one’s best while having rivulets of sweat travelling down one’s back.

And speaking of insane fees, Ricky has an appointment to have his teeth cleaned.  The vet said he has one of the worst cases of plaque he’s seen.  But maybe that’s just the vet’s way of preparing one for a crazy bill.  In any case, between the Botox, hair dye and dog teeth, I’ll be out close to a thousand bucks.

Nothing motivates me like the need for cash, so I updated my Facebook account and made a couple of feeble attempts to start tweeting again.  There are good videos available at www.brighttalk.com, and I listened to one on the benefits of social media.

Why I’m resistant to it, I have no idea, as I love the concept of making contacts from the comfort of my own home.  It sure beats driving up to a place, doing the ‘please sir’ scene from the movie Oliver! and getting the bum’s rush out.  So may the God of Tweeting descend upon me!

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