Eventful Beginning to the Decade

Pity the poor bank tellers and others who have to decipher forms with dates like today’s date: 1/10/10.  Or should that be 10/01/10?  However, I’m stymied easily enough by my own life so don’t need to add more puzzles to it.

Nicky’s been driving around with summer tires.  When I pointed this out to him and told him to get winter tires, he grunted.  A couple of weeks ago, after it had snowed, I said to Denis, “Doesn’t it worry you, being the Transport Safety Inspector and all, that your son is a hazard on the road?”  He grunted.

Imagine everyone’s surprise on Monday when Nicky piled into the maple tree at the bottom of our driveway!  His precious, newly re-built car was a smoking mess.  Denis and Luke went out and helped him tow it up the driveway and into the carport.

For the next two days, all I saw was Nicky attacking the car with some sort of an electrical tool, sparks flying out behind him.  Once he’d cut the fender off, he went on-line and decided the car could eventually be fixed.  But, this will take a while, so you know what happened, don’t you?  His car is tarped, and now sits beside the tarped Nissan van and the broken fridge.

Thus began a whole week of angst on Nicky’s part as he needed to bum rides like a real student does.  He didn’t like it, and managed to wheedle a thousand dollar Honda Accord out of Denis!  Don’t even get me started.

Then Luke came home and announced that he and his co-workers are all being laid off in two to three weeks.  I felt terrible for him, but it was short-lived.  Once again The Boarder came through, and Luke may soon be off to Alberta to make his fortune in the oil patch.

I could never have predicted 2010 would see yet another vehicle come into the yard, or that Luke would be leaving for Alberta again.  Life is so funny that way, isn’t it?

More predictable is how the fat remains no matter what one does.  I just finished reading the book, You! On a Diet and am trying very hard to do what Dr. Oz says.  If for no other reason than he is just so adorable.

I got a couple of panicked phone calls from people who had blithely skipped into the stores to pick up fruitcake, only to find that they’re no longer available.  I delivered one to a nice man and six to a dear woman who said she and her mother were addicted to them.

I find it’s better to avoid topics such as Dr. Oz’s book when making small talk with these customers!

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