Going Postal

You may recall the horrible incident I had last year whereby an order was delivered days late to Peppers Foods, a major customer in Victoria.  I had tracked the boxes on-line, and to my frustration could see they were sitting in Richmond for days.  So it was deja vu when I sent iced brownies to someone in Victoria on September 15th, only to have them finally arrive on the 25th!

When I tracked the parcel on-line, all I saw for several days was that it had been received in Kelowna.  Then I saw that it had been sent to Mississauga!!  Finally I guess someone there noticed the V in the postal code prefix, which helped them twig to the fact that V=British Columbia.

Perhaps it was just this most recent Mercury retrograde that caused the delay.  It may also explain why I didn’t know my interview was going to be shown on CHBC!  It’s true.  I happened to be sitting here last Sunday, idly watching the news with Denis, when I saw that my interview was going to be on.  I was totally shocked, as I’d wanted to let my mom and others know so they’d be watching.

The good news is that a ton of people watch that show in the Okanagan Valley, so I immediately received oreders.  Quality Greens is my biggest customer, and they e mailed and ordered because they said people were coming in and asking for the product.  That’s about a month earlier than usual.

So I’ve been living up to the motto I used to have at my former job.  It came from a Dilbert cartoon with him all askew in the frame, as though he’d just been catapulted from a canon.  Underneath it said, “Work like a frightened idiot.”

I’m just wondering, as I put labels onto my boxes, why I didn’t do this slowly over the winter months.  As I snip the ends off the bagged fruitcakes and place them into their boxes, I ponder what made me decide to wait and do every aspect of the business in three months.  Maybe I just work best under pressure.

A new customer I got as a result of being on TV is the new Watermark Resort in my dear hometown of Osoyoos.  It’s managed by the Boutique Hotels and Resorts of BC, so it’d be fab to get into all of their properties.  The Watermark is going to give guests a fruitcake over Christmas as an amenity.

Here’s what could happen: Oprah decides to visit Osoyoos, and stays at the Watermark.  She receives one of my fruitcakes, and exclaims that she must have an immediately shipment of this ambrosia.  I mail her some, but the parcel ends up in Mississauga.

However, I shouldn’t think negative thoughts.  So, here’s a positive one.  If Canada Post does delay or lose another parcel, perhaps someone will have the good fortune of witnessing me actually Going Postal.

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