Dawn of the Living Dead

The plastic surgeon said there would be ‘redness’ after lasering off a few unsightly age spots.  However, I now realize that’s one of those sneaky medical terms, and that the real term should be ‘weepy lesions.’  I arrived looking normal, and left looking like the walking dead.

To everyone’s amusement, I had already booked myself into a Twitter workshop put on by the people at www.connectingkelowna.com.  The lasering had happened the day before, so when I arrived at the workshop I was in full weepy lesion mode.  I kind of felt that I should hold my arms stiffly out in front and walk vacant-eyed, searching for human victims.

Instead I said to the people sitting on either side of me, “Sorry about this, I just had some laser treatments.”  They, of course, looked horrified and silently doubted very much that looking like that happened on purpose.  Needless to say, once the workshop ended I beat it out of there.

Besides making an ass out of myself by looking silly, I also pulled off a major e mail faux pas with my inaugural newsletter.  It took weeks of upset e mails back and forth to the web host before I could even send one.  Then, I sent it with all the other people’s e mail addresses visible.  Oopsies!  I had to send a second bulk e mail apologizing.

So, I don’t think there should be any wonder at the amount of baking I’ve had to do in order to keep my nerves under control.  Today I made a beautiful banana bread, and I think I should include this recipe in my next newsletter.  It’s so wonderfully moist that there’s only half left as I write this.

Something wonderful is going to be happening on September 8th, and I am just ga ga with excitement about it.  Mike Roberts of CHBC-TV is going to come here and do a story of me for his show called Roberts on the Road.  Once a week his show profiles local people doing interesting things.

It was so funny when he called yesterday, because of course I was thrilled, but then he said, “How about next Tuesday?”  I was just flummoxed as I was standing there looking like acid’s been thrown onto my face while being offered something so valuable and important for my business.

I said something vague like, “Oh dear God.  Could we postpone it a bit?” And he was kind enough to offer me September 8th.  That at least gives me time to hopefully return to normal, no longer roaming the streets of Kelowna looking for a locked mall that I can keep bumping into as I search for human meat.

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