It’s Delphinium Season

It’s the first day of summer and my delphiniums are looking absolutely gorgeous.  I’d love to include a photo of things like that in a newsletter, but don’t understand yet how to do it!  I can grow beautiful delphiniums, make really delectable souffles, write reasonably coherent blogs, but cannot for the life of me understand technology.

Last night I made one of the family’s favourite meals.  I made chicken souvlakis, roasted potatoes and Greek salad.  Just because I was in the mood for some baking therapy, I made a dear little butter cake for dessert.  Then I iced it and put sprinkles on top.  I decided a tiny corner wouldn’t hurt.  Sometime within the next hour something inside me snapped and I ended up eating the majority of it.

I woke up intermittently in the night, feeling quite nauseous.  When next I’m being whisked to the hospital with a kidney stone, I will reflect back on the cause.  Note I’m not going to try and reflect on it until the crisis hits.

Today is Father’s Day so in honour of it I’m making pork chops in a delectable whipping cream and white wine sauce for dinner.  Tempting fate, I’ve got a pan of brownies in the oven.  I figure one won’t hurt anything.

My vegetable garden has proven to be a bit of a disappointment.  The radishes were woody and the lettuce is bitter!  Vegetable growing is proving to be a bit of a puzzle.  It’s probably better to stick to producing baked goods.

As an experiment, inside my greenhouse I have two big pots, one with a bottle-neck gourd and the other with a cucumber.  It’d be great if these turn out to be great honking vines winding their way beautifully around the inside.  So far it looks promising.

Less promising are my efforts regarding fruitcake production, even though I keep telling myself how much I’m going to love it this year.  Luke and his friend Ryan, the kid who works for food, hooked my TV up to cable so now I can watch Martha while being Martha.

Last year I had the TV, but it was only hooked up to a DVD player.  I tried to watch some episodes of Trailer Park Boys, but realized one needs shows with a lot of talking and little action.  If all of the funny stuff is happening and you’re head-down chopping fruit, then you miss the whole point.

The weather changed this afternoon and there’s a wind and a bit of rain which could fell some of my tall delphiniums.  I recall this always happens the moment they’re at their full height and glory.  They’re too beautiful to cut, so maybe this is nature’s way of saying ‘go ahead.  Put some gorgeous delphiniums in a vase and enjoy.’

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