Cheap Chocolate

Once again, I was bitten in the buttocks by those foil-covered chocolate Easter eggs.  I’d made the mistake of buying a gigantic two kg bag at Costco, as I wanted to have enough to make a decent-looking basket.  I bought a bag of purple coloured grass and a matching purple and pink basket.  I then added the chocolate eggs and of course it looked adorable.

Sadly, though, one by one those eggs started to call me.  The worst of it is that the chocolate is of the cheapest quality, largely comprised of wax, sugar and flavouring.  As a rational person I understood that, but every evening around 7:30 lunacy would take hold and then the eating would begin.

Sigh. And so it goes in the dieting world.  One step forward and three steps back.  I finally threw the last few chocolates out, and am now back on the plain yogurt and apple for breakfast.  Tuna packed in water and mixed with low-fat mayo on lettuce will be lunch.  A piece of chicken and some veggies with no butter will follow for dinner.  Is it any wonder that diets fail??

Besides being phobic of diet food, I have claustrophobia, so was particularly disturbed by the story Nicky told me of being stuck in an elevator.  He was out on Saturday with his girlfriend and a bunch of other people.  They got into the elevator at her apartment building, and at the fifth floor it suddenly dropped half a floor, then stalled completely!

He said there were 11 of them in the elevator, and apparently it said, ‘maximum 12 persons.”  As soon as the elevator stalled, he said the fan stopped working so they all started to feel mighty hot.  At this point I would’ve been screaming and acting like a maniac, so I can only admire them for remaining calm.

The so-called emergency phone turned out to be a prop, and didn’t work at all.  The resident manager didn’t answer his phone.  So, they phoned 911 and the police and fire department came!  They couldn’t do anything either so they had to call out the elevator mechanic.  Finally, after 45 minutes they got out of there.

In that instance I suppose I could’ve practiced visualizing myself down in the garden.  Recently I did some research into bee keeping, as wouldn’t bees be fun?  It turns out that it’s fairly complicated, and you absolutely have to accept getting stung.  Also, if the hive grows too large the bees can swarm, and I imagine the neighbours would frown on that.

To work off the recently-acquired stomach, I had quite a bit of fun in the garden.  I planted asparagus as well as radishes and garlic.  I bought raspberry, blueberry and black currant bushes.  Now if I would just stick to eating that stuff I wouldn’t need to search stores for items of clothing that say, ‘stretchable.’

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