Cookie Mania

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but lately I’ve been busier than the Pillsbury Dough Boy with cookie production.  I have a wonderful cookbook called Home Baking, published by the Robin Hood company.  It’s filled with the most fantastic cookie, cake and bar recipes.  Why someone who’s always on a diet owns something like that I’ll never know.  Maybe it has something to do with my sneaky and evil subconscious.

Last week I got a phone call from a reporter at The Province.  I’d totally forgotten that last October I’d submitted my company profile to a regular business column called On the Move.  The reporter interviewed me about the business (which will appear in the March 30th edition) and asked if I’ve ever thought of making anything else.  I told her that I make killer cookies, and that customers have asked me if I make anything other than fruitcake.  I said that I always lie and say no.

So this is where the sneaky and evil subconscious comes in.  Now I’m thinking, “hmmmm, I wonder if I should make cookies?”  I mean really, now that I have two commercial-quality cookie sheets which I recently bought at Home Sense, the number of burned cookies has gone down dramatically.  Maybe I could stand the tension of cookie making.

I guess first of all I’ll have to see what The Province column brings in terms of orders.  Besides that, the Kelowna Wine Museum is going to feature my Okanagan Harvest Cakes at their Neighbourhood Nosh event this Thursday.  Hopefully locals are not falling for this new “the sky is falling” philosophy and therefore not buying unnecessary things.

Even Oprah is touting a new-found penchant for modest and conservative consumption.  Yesterday’s Oprah show was inspirational, as it was all about simplifying one’s life.  She had people on who were shopaholics and who were vowing to stop because they just had too much stuff.  They had a woman on who has more pairs of shoes than me!

As much as I agree with it all, the lure of spring fashion proved to be too damned strong.  Do you remember how many pairs of pants I have?  Me neither, but now I have three more.  Why??  I don’t know what happened.  One minute I was carefully browsing the clearance items at Winners and the next thing I knew I was at the till with pants and shoes!

I think a lot of my problems could be solved if clothing stores would barter.  For example, I would happily trade them two fruitcakes or four dozen cookies for a pair of pants.  In general, the world would probably be a much happier place if we got rid of filthy money and replaced it with maniacally decadent baked goods.

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