A Little Chocolate is a Dangerous Thing

You know how it’s a sign of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result?  Tonight is probably the third time in my life that I decided I wanted to make Hungarian goulash.  Every time I’m sure paprika tastes different than it actually does.  Although it looks gorgeous, I just tasted the goulash, and went “oh-oh”.  I obviously don’t like paprika.

For Valentine’s I made a beautiful dinner, which was greatly appreciated by Nicky and Denis.  I made Swiss cheese and crabmeat-stuffed chicken breasts.  These were accompanied by roasted potatoes and broccoli topped with sliced almonds sauteed in garlic and butter.  I’d asked Denis if he wanted a chocolate souffle or a chocolate mousse for dessert, and he chose the latter.

In the afternoon I decided I should make a batch of brownies for Margaret and Brendan.  Denis was on his way to Victoria for his course at Royal Roads University, so I had him deliver them.  Sadly, three brownies didn’t fit into the tin, but somehow found their way down my gullet.

Needless to say the diet has been totally shelved.  As wouldn’t you know it, there was still quite a large amount of mousse sitting in the fridge, calling me.  Because my gluttony knows no bounds, and because I’ve been off chocolate for several weeks, I appear to be what could be described as “dangerously out of control.”

To take my mind off it I strolled through the mall.  Conspiring against me was the nice hearing impaired woman who works at Shoppers Drug Mart.  She’s the kindest human, but for some reason had a whole stack of boxes of Lowney’s maraschino cherries on a trolley.  This panicked me, as I thought they must be destined for the garbage bin.

I quickly grabbed a box and raced to the till.  That night, after having eaten both rows of the box of Lowney’s maraschino cherries, I decided that I need to get some kind of a grip on myself.

I think boredom might be rearing its ugly head, and that can’t lead to anything good.  This week I simply have to get busy and phone the stores that carried my product to see how their sales went.  I must also try to figure out how to bust into the winery gift stores in a big way with either the Okanagan Harvest Cake or the Okanagan Fruit and Rum bars.

If I would just do what I have to do, I wouldn’t be bored.  However, I prefer to fritter away my time, then act surprised when nothing’s happening.  It’s that insanity thing I alluded to at the beginning.

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