Of Mice and Men

Where is a camera when you need one?  A couple of nights ago Mango brought in a really big mouse and let it go.  I was watching TV and knew that Mojo would eventually get the mouse so didn’t bother to move.  The mouse ran into the kitchen, where Denis was standing.  He saw the mouse, and immediately called for Mojo, the Mouse Slayer.  I said, “She’s downstairs watching Nicky eat.”

However, Ricky, the dwarf dachshund heard Denis’ call and ran into the kitchen.  He and the mouse made eye contact, and the mouse stood up on its hind legs. Ricky put his nose to the mouse who gave him a right left right left with its paws.  I heard Ricky scream, and he ran from the room.  He had been beaten up by a mouse!

Within minutes Mojo was back upstairs, and we soon found the mouse’s hiding place.  Mango was in my bedroom, lying in front of a trunk, and watching it with the odd twitch of his tail tip.  I moved the trunk, the mouse ran out, and crack! Mojo had its skull fractured within a second.  I then advised her that she’d have to put a paper bag over her head due to the shame brought on the family by Ricky.

I’ve always been mad for marzipan, so I decided I’m going to make it myself.  I found a great recipe, now I just need to purchase a candy thermometer.  I’m crazy with excitement about it, and told Denis I was going to make marzipan, and added, “Isn’t that fab?”  To which he rudely replied, “Are you supposed to be eating that?”  Can you imagine the nerve of that man?

No, of course I shouldn’t be eating marzipan, but I’m talking about the thrill of making it, for God’s sake.  We had wonderful neighbours in Osoyoos, the Sziegauds, and Margot used to make marzipan every Christmas.  I still think about it, and last ate it about 40 years ago, so it must have made quite an impression on me.  You can dye it and shape it into cute stuff, so it’s a very creative pursuit.

Okanagan College has a business program, and I was contacted by one of their e commerce students.  She said that they had received a grant from the government, and were offering local businesses with websites a free critique of their site.  I said I would be happy to participate, so a nice young woman came over with a comprehensive report.

And wouldn’t you know it, that little genius, Steve, my web designer, rated five stars (out of five stars) in almost every category.  The student had a couple of things that she was able to point out that will help me, but other than that, she really felt that my site is doing a good job.  So even though the small dog is a great disappointment, the web designer is a point of pride.

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