Princess Di

It’s the anniversary of dear Princess Di’s early demise.  What a night that was!  It was completely unlike today, in that it was stinking hot.  Today it’s slightly cool, though sunny, but feels so much more like late fall than the last day of August!  Quite disappointing, but the garden seems to like it.  Right now the garden reminds me of a saxophone, all mellow and full-bodied.  The concord grapes are turning purple, and the pyrancantha is turning orange.

How is this for an example of a fine slap in the face?  Last Tuesday I finally bit the bullet and walked into Weight Watchers and signed up.  Each and every human being to whom I’ve since said, “I joined Weight Watchers,” has answered with, “good for you!”  Not, “But you’re far too thin for that.”  It certainly made me realize that this was a timely decision.

And then of course the adorable and funny parts of being on a diet kick in.  You know the ones.  You look longingly at food which in the past you would have considered beneath you.  My, how inviting that 2% cottage cheese now looks.  1% milk makes me salivate.  The whole thing is an interesting Zen experience, and one which I find tests me to my limits.  However, if it works, then I’ll be looking good for my High Season, which sadly, is upon me.

I had the most wonderful feedback from Monda Rosenberg, Food Editor of Chatelaine Magazine.  I had sent her samples of each of my fruitcakes, and she e mailed back that they were ‘wonderful.’  Imagine!  She also said that some of her staff do not like fruitcake, yet they loved mine.  I was pretty high for the rest of the day after that.

Unfortunately, she also said that the December issue is already made, but that I should contact them next spring, which I’ll certainly do.  I mentioned it to one of my pals from the gym, and she deftly pointed out that it was certainly a blessing in disguise not to make this year’s issue.  And she’s totally right, as I’ll be a quivering mass by this Christmas, just in supplying my current market.

It’s the Labour Day weekend, which I find odd, as it’s so early this year.  Kind of like Easter was.  In any case, it’s always the weekend to review clothing, to shun the unwanted and to make lists of what is absolutely required for the season.  To assist, I like to buy those super-fat September issues of Vogue and In-Style magazines. 

It was a lot of work, but I think this is where I am for the fall:  I have the usual 30 pairs of shoes, but really do need some basic black pumps.  The pants situation is good, but the tops situation, especially sweaters, is bad.  So, in honour of Princess Di, off I go to remedy this deplorable situation.

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