I’m sitting here madder than a wet hen, as there is just boring Olympics coverage on TV today.  I don’t care a whit about soccer or basketball, so hopefully we’ll soon get into the fun stuff.  It’s funny because whenever the Olympics start I have no idea who the athletes even are.  But then I watch the heats and suddenly I’m whipped into a media frenzy and have a favourite for whom I’m cheering.

While I’m waiting for something decent, I’m killing time by making peach and apricot jam.  I already made some cherry jam, so will have a nice little cache for the winter.  I’m also marinating some chicken in yogurt, onions, garlic and a bunch of East Indian spices as I’m making tandoori chicken for dinner tonight.

I had a session with my dear mentor, Prerna today, so that helps in getting me back onto the program.  I remember once going to one of those diet centres where you meet with a counsellor weekly, and it does help.  The shame you feel in letting your counsellor down is very great.  So, I made a few promises to Prerna, and I do pray that I’ll be able to keep them.

First of all, by the end of August I want to have the ordering page of my website under control.  I also want to add a page for corporations and conventions who may want to order something adorable like my Okanagan Fruit and Rum Bar.  Prerna also reminded me that I said I would try to contact the Food Editor of Chatelaine Magazine.  Finally, I have to learn how to do my own postage calculations or I’ll be shot at the post office.

Imagine being in a line-up at the post office in December, and seeing me come along.  Last December I had all of those orders from Nova Scotia and Red Deer, Alberta.  I was at the post office every two or three days, lugging dozens of parcels of various sizes.  People were not at all impressed if they were behind me, and the postal workers also said, “Look lady.  We’ll do it this year, but if this continues you’ll have to do your own postage.”

The above tasks need to be added to the current mania that surrounds making 300 fruitcakes a week.  However, Prerna said that she may be able to wangle me onto the Food Network, and if that, or City TV or Chatelaine happen, then I had better be ready with product.  Wouldn’t that just be the most embarrassing situation to have marketed like a lunatic only to not have enough fruitcakes?

Actually, that isn’t funy as it’s one of the small business owner’s worst nightmares.  It reminds me of the dream I have from time to time where I’m about to take an exam, however I’ve never attended one class.  Or else, I’m a teacher and have been hired to teach French immersion, yet speak no French.  I’m happy to report that after 40 years I no longer dream I forgot my locker combination.

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