Salad Days

Working from home can be lethal.  Yesterday around noon I thought I may as well turn on the TV while I ate my chicken salad sandwich.  I tuned in to KCTS, the public television station, and saw that Deepak Chopra was on.  It was one of his talks about how to find happiness.  As I watched and listened to his words about the Buddha, I became completely and deeply relaxed.  Wouldn’t you know it, by 1:00 PM I was soundly asleep!

Damn!  That can really cut into a person’s schedule.  However, I decided that I had probably burnt myself out the day before.  I had bravely gotten into the van, loaded it with some Okanagan Fruit and Rum bars, and took my dog and pony show on the road.  I drove south, and managed to hit a total of eight stores.  As luck would have it, I made a sale at Summerland Sweets.  I’d never been to their store before, and I would recommend it as a darling place to take out-of-town visitors.

I’ve now been to 29 stores, and 11 of them have bought.  I now need to hound those who said they were going to sample the product and get back to me….. nicely, of course.  I’m fanatical for round numbers, so either want to get four or nine more stores.  Next week I’m going north, so will hit places like the O’Keefe Ranch in Vernon as they have a gift store.  Anywhere the intrepid tourist lurks, there lurks my product.

You know how I love entering any CBC Radio contest presented to me.  I feel this one is fated to be The One.  As I left Hainle Vineyards in Peachland on Tuesday, Sounds Like Canada guest host Katherine Gretsinger was doing an article about small business.  Then she said, “We’d love to hear from small business owners out there.”  Apparently, they’ll pick some and pair them with marketing students.

I sent them an e mail yesterday about my dear fruitcake business, so am keeping my fingers crossed.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be chosen?  And why not, as who needs more help than a fruitcake monger?  Only someone making stuff out of spinach or liver would need more help.

It’s finally sunny today, so I’m heading down to the vegetable patch to do some watering, and will try to regain the tan I began in Nicaragua.  Wonderfully, I’ve begun picking leaves from the Swiss chard and curly lettuce on a daily basis.  After that bit of fun I need to bake and package, and so I just prey there’s no more Deepak Chopra on TV or I’m dead meat.

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