My Life’s Purpose

I only watch Oprah once or twice a year, but every time I do, something happens.  A few years ago I happened to tune in when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch.  Yesterday she talked about Eckhart Tolle’s new book, A New Earth, and said she has an on-line study group about it.  Of course I adored his first book, the Power of Now, so have signed up.

Soon I will be able to levitate – won’t everybody just be so jealous?  In the meantime, however, I have been reduced to keeping a food journal!  I decided that maybe by writing down all of the food that I shovel into my mouth, I might be able to shock myself into reality.  So far, it seems to do nothing other than amaze me.

I’ve taken the first step to The Great Gardening Project, and have left a message for local gardening guru, Don Burnett.  I’m hoping he’ll be intrigued by the idea of turning a fairly significantly sized, largely urbanized area into an organic vegetable farm.  Of course, I’m wild with excitement over the first inquiry by one of the neighbours who border on this piece of our property.

Yesterday as I was driving along I thought, “I need to get a beehive!”  I’d just driven past a stack of them, and realized that to be totally self-sufficient I will need to get my own bees.  There’ll be a greenhouse in the middle, and wouldn’t a lovely climbing rose be gorgeous on some sort of an arbour?  And then all will be lovingly pollinated by my own dear bees!

The sub-title of A New Earth is “Awakening to your Life’s Purpose.”  I think I finally have figured out my life’s purpose (for today, anyway).  It appears to involve growing things, baking fruitcakes and writing really bad fiction.  I finally submitted my first romance novel to Harlequin’s Critique Service, so will find out in a few weeks whether or not I have any potential.

Aside from frittering away my time with seeking enlightenment, I followed up with a new customer.  I e mailed the nice manager of Buy-Low Foods in Westbank to see how my product had done.  He e mailed back that they had sold out one week prior to Christmas, and that they were certainly going to purchase my fruitcakes again.  I felt so happy knowing that!

Wouldn’t you then think that a person who knows they will be selling four or five thousand fruitcakes in November and December would begin baking them?  Maybe I should just break myself in slowly, and just buy some of the ingredients.  That way, if the mood hits, I’ll instantly be ready to bake.  However instead, I am reading yet another great book, Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichel and having three-hour lunches with friends.  Tsk!

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