Taking Orders

When I hear programs about de-cluttering our lives I chuckle as I realize I would have to commit murder in order to be successful.  For example, I was just phoned by Nicky and told that he’s locked the keys in the car.  I’m now on standby, as if he can’t break in with a coat hanger he’s informed me I’ll have to drive to the campus with the spare keys.

Luke thought he’d lost his passport, so this engendered a week of searching (on my part).  Then, last night some nut in a stolen car careened into our rental house, so Denis says, “Phone the contractor.”  Not, “I’ll phone the contractor.”  If there are calls to be made or forms to fill out, I must do them.  What’s funny about it all is how much I fear and loathe this responsibility.  But, as the TV character Maude used to say to her husband, Arthur, “God’ll get you for that.”

As it’s fall, the catch phrase at the women-only gym is ‘setting fitness goals.’  I’d hate to tell them that mine are as simple as having the inner strength to continue going three or four times a week.  However, when you see how large they’re making wine glasses these days, I often say, “Thank God for my biceps.”

I had some marvelous news from Buy-Low Foods.  They’re going to carry my product!  They have a total of 16 stores, 14 in BC and two in Alberta.  The person with whom I spoke said he would let me know the numbers this week.  Of course I am ga ga with excitement about it, and lie on the bed, allowing numbers to roll around in my head.

But then I’m brought out of my fanciful reverie by someone’s cry of “Can you do my laundry?”  Nicky is particularly persnickety about grease stains on his polo shirts, so points them out so that I’ll be sure to apply stain remover prior to washing.  Once again, he doesn’t apply the stain remover, but directs me to do it.

It’s amazing how many things I have to do, whether I hate them or not.  Take my ad on google, for example.  It nearly killed me to go through the steps of writing the ad, then choosing the keywords.  However, I did it, and felt fantastic when I saw it posted.  If you google ‘fruitcake’, you’ll likely see it.

I have great hopes for this ad, as I would eventually like my business to be solely mail order.  As much as I adore begging store managers to buy my product, and as much as I love serving hundreds of dollars worth of samples to recalcitrant customers, I think it would be much easier to simply receive orders via my site.

I had better watch the time, as I must drive Arnie to and from the vet’s every two hours.  He’s having his blood sugar levels monitored due to his diabetes.  It’s funny how one becomes inured to tedious tasks.

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