Genius at Work

I remember when I was about 10 or 11 Mad Magazine was still popular, and each edition came with detachable stickers that you could put on your wall.  I found these little witticisms (such as Rat Fink) amusing.  So one day I made a sign of my own, which I posted on my bedroom door.  I thought I had written Keep Out – Genius at Work, however, once it was up my mom popped her head in and said, “By the way, you misspelled genius.  You forgot the ‘i’.”  Doh!

Nicky and his friends like to amuse themselves with Jaegermeister mixed with Red Bull.  Either one smells like gasoline on its own, so when you mix them I can only imagine how disgusting it tastes.  On Friday I asked him if he wanted dinner, as Denis was away and Luke was working.  He said, “No, we ordered in.”  When it arrived, I saw that the four of them had ordered two platters from the local Greek restaurant.  I asked, “How much was that?” to which Nicky replied, “It wasn’t expensive, only a hundred bucks.”  I was horrified and told them so, but they  just laughed and shook their heads at the silly old woman.

One of Nicky’s friends said he once saw Nicky eat 20 chicken McNuggets and 3 Big Macs.  That’s quite a lot of food and fat, isn’t it?  No wonder people at the grocery store look at my cart and grow pale.  Sure enough, the other day I once again bought so much food that I got $30.00 off.  I guess gluttony does have some rewards.

The weekend was mad and wonderful, as Marilyn and I managed to pump out 280 fruitcakes.  My feet were pinging when I put them up on Saturday night.  However, it is wonderfully honest work, and as I appear to continue to be compelled to do it, luckily I enjoy it.  I find that the fruitcakes are actually made with a lot of love, so maybe the karma of that will help them sell.

I had the great pleasure of getting together with several of the friends that I’ve known since the days of primary and elementary school.  It’s weird, but we all still look the same!  Spooky, really, when you think of it.  Other women in their 50’s look like middle-aged women, yet we remain 18 years of age forever.  Why?

Today appears to be another comical ‘work-from-home’ day.  What have I done? Nada.  The other day I said to Denis, “The windows are filthy.  You can hardly see out of them.  I want you to clean them.” To which he gave the old Doyle reply, “But as soon as they’re done, they get dirty again.”  I said, “Yes, much the same as the dishes I do every day, the dinner I make, etc.  Why do it, when I know I’ll just have to do it all over again tomorrow?”

This cunning piece of logic gave Denis pause for thought, and he conceded that he would actually clean the windows.  Sure enough, yesterday there he was, pail in hand.  So, that proves that I’m a genius after all.

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