The Worms Turns

Once the Mercury retrograde was over last week, I felt an immediate sense of relief.  I actually felt the first stirrings of motivation after a long dry spell.  I noticed I was low on boxes, so ordered a couple of thousand. Then, I phoned and visited some of my stores, and got some orders.  I made deliveries to The Bench in Penticton and Tin Horn Creek Winery in Oliver.

Emboldened, I decided to try again for a distributor.  I remembered that the nice woman at Caper’s in Vancouver had told me the name of two distributors.  I had contacted one, and the very sadly unimaginative people there had said no to my lovely products.  So, I looked through old e mails, and found the name of the other distributor.  I blithely sent off an e mail, and got a reply saying “please phone at your earliest convenience.”

 So today I phoned and talked to a dear man, and he was a bit stymied at the premise.  He brought up my website (he’s in Ontario) and as we were talking he said, “Right now I’m meeting the baker.”  Thank goodness I had on a pink top and pearls for that shot.  In any case, he asked what sort of volume I am capable of producing, and I said something lame like 500 per month.  He went, “Oh……. we’re actually very high volume here but…..” His voice trailed off, and then he said, “But please send us a sample and we’ll see what we can do.”

At the same time of the fruitcake deliveries I went into the Buy-Low in Oliver and asked the manager for the name of the person I should be talking to about my products.  He gave me the name of the man in Vancouver, and this morning I phoned him.  I had to do the whole funny, “Now please keep an open mind” when he asked me what it is that I make.  Luckily, he said that his mother-in-law is an aficionado, so he could totally relate.  He also asked me to send him a sample!

Can you imagine if I get both a distributor and Buy-Low Foods Foods??  I will be crazy with excitement, then scared out of my wits.  The yin and yang of life is so interesting!

It also helps to take my mind off the immediacy of the hell in which I reside.  The kitchen tap broke, so now dishes have to be rinsed in the bathroom sink, then placed (dripping all the way) into the dishwasher.  It’s nice the way the kids bring their dirty stuff upstairs and set it  beside the sink.  Why don’t they just wash it downstairs when they know the sink up here isn’t working?

Oh well.  A nice thing to do in the Okanagan is to make cherry shortcake, rather than strawberry.  I made some the other day, and so we ate lashings of sponge cakes filled with lightly cooked cherries and topped with mounds of whipped cream.  For a lunch this coming weekend, I’m making an apricot sauce from our lovely, sweet ripe apricots, and spooning this over a home made New York style cheesecake.  That should help keep any nasty negative energy away.

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