Watering Peasants

On Thursday morning I casually began slicing and wrapping 135 pieces of Okanagan Harvest Cake to be used as samples in a wine event at The Toasted Oak in Oliver.  One and a half hours later, there was a slick of sweat on my upper lip and my hands trembled slightly, but I was done, and very glad to have it behind me.  I then counted out 135 rack cards and made the lovely drive south to Oliver.  I dropped the samples and cards, and am of course now hopeful for some sales.

The dear people at Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards in Okanagan Falls have said they want to carry the product in their store again this year.  Hurray!  It’ quite remarkable the number of people, even locals, who go to the winery stores, as I’ve had quite a few sales as a result of people finding it there.

The poor people at the tourist information centre in Osoyoos have been browbeaten by my dear mother to try some.  I’ll drop one off to them the next time I’m in the south, which should be sometime this week.  The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival occurs the first four days of May, so I want to get my deliveries made prior to that.

Aside from that, I’m totally ignoring the garden, and pretending that it really doesn’t need anything anyway.  We have a serious watering problem, as both of our outdoor taps are broken, so when you turn on a hose more water pours out at the tap than out of the sprinkler.  I keep large pails under each tap, then use a smaller pail to scoop out water and pour it onto the beds, pretending I’m a medieval peasant.  I wonder how many years it’ll stay like that.

Due to sheer nervous prostration, I decided to see if Winners would have any of the delicious things I’d seen in the recent In Style magazine.  Wouldn’t you know it, but those stinkers had quite a few items.  I bought a gorgeous black jersey paneled skirt that comes with a super-wide belt, and is almost ankle length.  Did you know that black and white is very big this year?  Guess who found a fab black and white jersey wrap dress?

Sadly, Ricky had chewed a hole into my black leather slides, which I wore constantly last summer.  Well you certainly can’t expect me to wear that black skirt or that dress without black sandals can you?  Exactly.  So, off I went to Winners and got a dear pair of Liz Claiborne wedges.  Tres cute.

I do have one truly sweet area of the garden right now, though, and it’s a little hill of periwinkle.  It’s currently in bloom, and is a beautiful sky blue.  In the midst, I planted a flowering almond, and its blossoms are a beautiful cotton candy pink.  I like to just stand there and look at it.  Then I come inside and stare at my garden of shoes, and go, “ain’t life grand?”

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